After fishing, tourism is the most important economic activity for the city. Development to date includes 70 restaurants, 42 hotels and motels and 14 RV facilities. 

Ecotourism finds in Rocky Point unique landscapes. During low tide, sea level fluctuates up to 6 meters, leaving exposed an assortment of sea life, sea shells,
​starfish and crabs.

Only 52 kilometers northwest of Rocky Point in the Altar Desert is “The Pinacate,” which has been recognized as a biosphere reserve. This place reveals thousand year-old gigantic craters which are more than a kilometer in diameter and 120 meters deep. Nature lovers will discover an amazing and varied animal and plant life.

In addition to all of the activities found in this marvelous destination in Sonora, there are plenty of events from which to choose in Rocky Point.

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Rocky Point is a newly-discovered paradise for tourists to Sonora. During the early 1930's, it became known as a refuge of fishermen and people seeking adventure.

Located 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the US border, Rocky Point has the advantage of being “Free Zone”; which means the visitor enters  without having to complete time-consuming paper work and immigration procedures. No wonder tourists from Arizona, Nevada,

New Mexico and California claim Rocky Point as a favorite destination.

The beauty of this place is unique. Its solid rock formation of volcanic origin (La Choya) has become the symbol of locals. Rocky Point has an average temperature of 35° C in the summer and 18°C during the winter, making it the perfect spot to enjoy the sea, sun, beaches, bays and inlets.

There is no limit to activities in Rocky Point, whether one takes a walk on its beautiful  beaches, where gentle waves invite swimmers, windsurfs, sails, scuba dives and simply reclines to enjoy a beautiful view. In addition, there is numerous places to choose from restaurants to diners and coastal locations for a vibrant night life.