The city also boasts the best meat in Sonoran seafood restaurants, shopping malls, first- class medical assistance with state-of-the-art technology, university campuses, sports complexes and an active night life with numerous nightclubs. “Yaqui” activities during the Holy week, called “Waeima”, offer an opportunity to discover the most important traditions and customs of the Yaqui tribe. If the visitor wants  to know more about them, he should visit the Yaqui Museum, where there is a larger perspective of the tribe, its traditions, costumes, art and religion.

Capping off the journey involves visiting the Aconchi thermal waters, the ITSON Museum or the Interactive Museum of Science, Technology and History.

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Obregon, Sonora is located just 150 miles from the capital of the State, and it serves as the agricultural heart of Sonora.

Here you can find an assortment of entertainments, services, cultural and tourist attractions during the whole year, so you can blend business with pleasure.

The municipality has important potential for the development of local tourism, consisting of 35 quality hotels and all the necessary services to make vacations the best they can be. Obregon has much to offer to the family. It is a young, large city (barely 80 years-old) with proud Yaqui Indian roots.

Its surrounding lakes, particularly Lake Obregon (Oviachic), provides bass, and cat fish.
​Duck and dove are popular to hunt during the Winter. Day visits can be made to a variety of local beaches and, at the edge of town, lays a popular recreational lake known as Nainari Lake. Obregon offers all kind of services required by businessman or tourists.
​Those driving or on foot will find a city with broad, straight avenues where everything is nearby.