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The services that the city provides run the gamut: hotels, restaurants, hospitals and schools of all levels In spite of this modern appearance, only a few miles away a visitor can still encounter rural Sonora and all of its sensory beauties, dazzling sunrises over the fields mixed with the scent of coffee being freshly made, the crowing of roosters and the singing of birds, the lowing of cattle preparing to be milked, and the ruins of ancient temples that recall a storied past.

Currently, Nogales is one of the most important border zones, characterized by great economic activity and shopping centers where visitors will find a wide range of domestic and imported products. To visit these places is to experience the atmosphere of transition to another culture. It also provides an excellent opportunity to see how Mexico handles encounters with different ways of life.

Nogales is deeply immersed in the 21st century, with many industrial parks, where twin in-bond assembly plants were established for the first time in the state. But even with this development, Nogales keeps the traditional hospitality of ancient Mexico.

​Overall, Nogales has become a powerful magnet, attracting not only tourists but also key business contact who come looking for diverse opportunities.
Nogales is the main port of entry to Mexico in Arizona and this border city owes it flourishing, historical development and current growth to international circumstances.

Nogales is named after a ranch that achieved world-wide fame during the colonial period and was located southeast of the present city of Nogales, Sonora. The growth of the City of Nogales, Sonora grew rapidly after the American transcontinental railroad connected the railroad of Sonora, a project completed in 1882.

From the beginning of when settlers came to Nogales, the way of living of this town was defined by international trade such faming products and minerals prior Mexican revolution. During that time, Nogales became an important factor since it was the primary place for the import of arms.

Just like seaports, border cities have their own unique personality which is based on the co-existence of traditional city values with those transmitted by a constant influx of visitors.

In the 1970’s the national Border Program changed the exporting dynamics of the products in Nogales. Currently, this border is immersed in an educational process in order to modernize its labor supply for the globalized economy in which we live.

Dynamism is the common characteristic of this border society. Visitors include American tourists who are attracted to the beaches and cultural sites of Sonora and the more southern portions of Mexico.

Whether merely passing through or spending a short time, they add a cosmopolitan touch to city life, as costumes and habitats blend with new experiences and different perspectives of life.

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