Nearby, the tourist should visit the missions of San Jose de Guaymas and “El Sahuaral”, a giant Cactus zone, or any of the eight Yaqui tribe villages. Three distinguished presidents of Mexico were born in Guaymas: Abelardo L. Rodriguez, Gral. Plutarco Elias Calles and Adolfo de la Huerta; this made of Sonora to be called the land of presidents.

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An important port in Sonora is found only 135 kilometers from the state capital of Hermosillo. The city and port of Guaymas are one of the main national and foreign tourist destinations in the State. The tourist beach zone, known as San Carlos, is located to the northwest of the port. Bacochibampo and Miramar Bays are also well-visited attractions.

​Guaymas Bay is a place where the mountains meet the sea, a perfect spot for the visitor to relax and enjoy a vacation or holiday time. For an entire century the port was developed as a strategic point for mission settlement, military invasions and pirate attacks. Its commercial activities were promoted by maritime traffic, converting this city into a major port. Today focusing on a tourism mission, Guaymas possesses 24 places with accommodations, between hotels, motels and guest houses. In addition, it has four tourist condominiums and 2 marinas with 798 boat spaces.

Guaymas attractions are mostly by the sea. Its beautiful beaches include Miramar and San Carlos, where ecotourism, nautical tourism, fishing, scuba diving and golf are practiced. In addition, the city of Guaymas possesses encloses several colonial buildings such as the city hall, the jail, the Sacred Heart Church, and the San Fernando Church. The main holiday in this port is Mardis Gras, or Carnival, celebrated each February.

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