Other interesting tourist destinations include:

​“Paseo del Chalaton”, the Museum of Traditions, the Cuchujaqui stream, and the romantic “Callejon del Beso”, "Alley of the Kiss". Nearby you can also find historic towns such as Minas Nuevas and La Aduana.

​If your special interest is in handcrafts, Alamos is a great place to find unique hand-carved wooden furniture and numerous articles crafted in tin glass or silver.
​Among other exotic curios, you will find the traditional Mexican jumping beans.

​For those who love hunting, the area surrounding Alamos is rich in deer, wild boar, duck, dove, quail and other species. Fresh water fishing is excellent in nearby rivers and at the Mucuzari dam, with abundant large mouth bass, bluegill and catfish.

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Located in the southern part of Sonora’s mountain range, about 50 kilometers east of Navojoa, this settlement was born as a silver mine town back in the 1680's. It is considered a colonial jewel because of its unspoiled architecture and is also known as the “City of Portals”.

No matter where the traveler heads, the city’s atmosphere is filled with history. The church in the town’s center plaza, the Chapel of Zapopan, the pavilion, the gazebo, the cemetery, the city government palace, the old jail, and the main square are just a few of the places that have helped shape the Mexico of today.

For those who like quiet spaces and traditional little towns Alamos offers the tourist a pleasant stay with beautiful places to visit and enjoy, amazing buildings with central “patios”, beautiful gardens and ancient stone paved roads.

Alamos is traditionally a quiet place, but several times a year the visitor can join the locals in festivities such as the village’s patron saint day, Mexico Independence Day celebration or the international known Ortiz Tirado festival.