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Compared to other cities of Sonora, the city of Agua Prieta is regarded as a newcomer. In fact, it was not until November 11, 1942 that it received official recognitions as a city. While inhabited as early as the end of the eighteen century, the origins of the population of Agua Prieta are dated to 1899, two years after the construction of the railway from Nacozari to Douglas. The commercial productivity on both the Mexican and American sides of the border solidified the growth of Douglas, Arizona, considered Agua Prieta’s twin city on the expanding border frontier. 
​These days, it is known as a “sister city” to Douglas, Arizona.

To the north are the states of Texas and Arizona in the US; to the east, linked to the state of Sonora by highway 2, lies the state of Chihuahua; to the south, Nacozari; and to the west, Cananea and Naco. Due to the proximity of Agua Prieta to its sister city, businesspeople have the most advanced technologies within easy reach.

​The city also boasts excellent hotels, bars with unique atmospheres and restaurants with exquisite regional and international dishes. In many cases, visitors come not only to get away, but to buy Mexican products and take advantage of the excellent quality of service and reasonable prices. All of these things make Agua Prieta a warm host for tourists coming from the United States and Canada. 

Traveling to Agua Prieta